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MA219 Midterm1 Exam Contents:

1.1, 1.3: Introduction, Direction Fields

Chapter 2. First Order Differential Equations

2.2: Separable equations (also homogeneous equations - see p49 #30).

2.1: Linear equations; Method of integrating factors.

2.3: Modeling with first order equations

2.4: Differences between linear and nonlinear equations

2.6: Exact equations and integrating factors.

Chapter 7. Systems of First Order Linear Equations

7.1: Introduction.

7.2: Review of matrices.

7.3: Systems of linear algebraic equations; Linear independence, eigenvalues, eigenvectors.

7.4: Basic theory of systems of first order linear equations.

7.5: Homogeneous linear systems with constant coefficients.

7.6: Complex eigenvalues.

7.7: Fundamental matrices.

7.8: Repeated eigenvalues.

7.9: Nonhomogeneous linear systems (variation of parameters only).

MA219 Midterm1 : November 18th at 13:30.
Exam places will be announced.

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